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UBN Trade Tower

Posted by admin on May 9, 2020
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UBN Trade Tower is going to be an 15-floor high rise building. This building will only consist of corporate offices. The tower is located only 100 meters from the main gate of Bahria Karachi, overlooking the Jinnah Avenue. The distinctive quality of the UBN Trade Tower is not only the prime location but also the design and the elevation of the tower is one of a kind. It will be equipped with all the modern facilities, which will give an ultra-modern look to your corporate office in UBN Trade Tower.



UBN Builders:

UBN Builders are one of the most reputed and trustworthy teams of builders in the whole country. They have undertaken multiple commercial projects in DHA Karachi as well, which were completed in time. The main reason that makes UBN builders stand out from the competition is that the quality of material and the finishing quality of all their projects is worthy of appreciation. Their team is very experienced and handles all the projects with the utmost professionalism. UBN builders have also completed various other commercial projects in Bahria Town Karachi as well on Jinnah Avenue. All our projects are one of the only buildings that have received the completion certificates from Bahria Town.


UBN Builders have already received the possession and completed the soil test on the location. One of the main reasons why UBN builders are always able to complete their projects on time is that they never market their projects beforehand. When they have received the possession, confirmation of soil is done and the design is sent for approval, only then is the project marketed.


UBN Residencia:

UBN Residencia is the second state of the art project of Salam Estate and Builders, the salient features of these projects are as follows;

  • The location of this plot is very idea with a plot of number 19, just 8 ahead of the first project that is only 100-150 away from the main gate.
  • All the technical work such as designing and planning has been completed. Along with this, possession is also get completed, it is being launched after doing all the necessary homework.
  • This project will be residential nature, means there will be 2 and 3 bedroom apartment. The total covered area of 2 bedroom apartment is 970 square feet, it will cost around 8.2 million rupees.
  • For the 3 bedroom apartment, three variants of 1150, 1300, and 1350 square feet are available. The price of these will be varying from 9.9 million to 11.5 million rupees.
  • The overall floors of the building will be 18 with a ground floor.

Partnership with Salaam Estate and Builders:

Salaam Estate and Builders have been working in Bahria town Karachi for the last 4 years. All our projects are in high demand and the work there is being done with full throttle. Our various projects include Tech Mall and Dominion Twin Towers. Due to the fame of our various projects, UBN builders have partnered with us and given us the exclusive sales right for UBN Trade Tower. Our team is fully equipped and trained for the sales and marketing of various high-end projects in Bahria Town Karachi.


Therefore, if you want to own a corporate office in the prime location of Bahria Town Karachi overlooking the Jinnah Avenue, contact Salaam Estate and Builders to book an office in UBN Trade Tower. The progress of the project is quite satisfactory and shows that UBN Builders will continue their legacy of completing and selling their projects within the specified time.

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