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Complete Details About Bahria Paradise Karachi

Posted by Salaam Estate on May 1, 2020
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bahria paradise karachi
bahria paradise karachi

Bahria Paradise Latest Announcements

Situated at the entrance, precincts 47 and 48 of Bahria Paradise are the locations where most work is in progress. Because of the boundary mark and disputed land issue arose, the prices here have been quite low. However, from March and April onwards the prices have gained stability with the beginning of construction in these precincts.

Precinct 8, 6, and 16 on the other hand are considered ideal locations after precinct 1. About 4 to 6 months ago, the prices here were quite low. On the other hand, prices of these precincts are rising to the extent that plots at good locations have gone up to 1 crore. With the increase in the price of these precincts, the prices of properties at Bahria Paradise have also risen.

It is predicted that investment in these precincts is going to bring high profits to investors with the increase in prices of properties located here.

Updates on villas of 250 square yard of Bahria Paradise

Bahria Town Karachi has been getting the attention of customers, as it is the only world-class housing scheme in Pakistan. In Bahria Town, the construction of 500 square yard villas is getting pace, as more people are now buying them for their personal use. There has been a dedicated portion of Bahria Paradise, for the villas of 500 square yards. Talking about the recent development, most of the villas has been gone through the phase of grey structures. A large number of villas in street no 10 has been completed, and they are ready to use. The overall construction pace is quite satisfactory. This article is specially targeted at the overseas audience who are interested to buy properties in this special sector of Bahria Town Karachi.

Several villas in Bahria Paradise are not in large number, and of the most, these villas have been delivering to end-user. With this, the availability of the vacant villas is now narrow. With the construction of the main road network, its market has been on increase. It is also being expected in upcoming days, the market will go further on rising, and this is evident from the construction of villas on road no. 8, 9 and 10. These villas have been constructed in the shape of a square. The main fact about this sector, construction work has been carried out at a very fast rate.

Bahria town has been providing the citizens of Pakistan with a complete living experience since 1996. Various projects that have been launched by Bahria town are one of a kind. The well-planned communities in various cities across Pakistan provide not only the basic necessities for a living but a lot more than that. From cinemas to sports centers, from mosques to parks and from schools to shopping malls, you will find everything here.


The latest project that has been launched by Bahria town in Karachi is Bahria Paradise. Like all the previous Bahria town projects, it has a number of attractions also for not only its residents but for people from all over the country.

Updates on Bahria Paradise Karachi:

  • Bahria Town is the symbol of quality living in Pakistan, it has been developed as per international standards. The new addition to the family of Bahria Town is the construction of quality housing in Karachi. Within Bahria Town Karachi, various sectors have been developing, many blocks with variations in prices are there.
  • Out of all important sectors, Bahria Paradise is one of the most advertised areas.
  • It has been made public that this will be the iconic plot of land in Bahria Town Karachi, but due to some controversies, the project has been halted.
  • Now, as things are getting better, so as the people are coming back for this project.
  • Construction work has been initiated, and it is going in full swing.

Main sectors in Bahria Paradise:

  • Precinct 47 and 48 come under the Paradise, construction of villas have been started. The average size of villas here is 500 square yards.
  • Precinct 50 has been gone through the phase of development, there is very little work that remains to be completed.
  • The central park of precinct 54 has also been completed, it is one of the landmark sites of the Bahria Paradise.
  • In this same precinct, Central Park Apartments also there, which are going through development work at a very fast pace.
  • People have started constructing their villas by themselves which is something very pleasing.
  • This is showing people are interested to move there.
  • Moreover, Bahria Town Karachi has also started working on the Langheji River Bridge, this has been a big hurdle in moving over the area.
  • This will make the connectivity of precinct 50, 51, and central park that is precinct 54 easier and hassle-free.

State Bank of Pakistan has also endorsed this project by allowing loans to its staff in precincts 47 and 48. For those people who got their plots out of the main boundary line of Bahria Paradise, the management of Bahria Town has relocated their plots within the boundary. Some of these people have even got their pots in precinct 51, this relocating process is continuing. After these developments, it is being thought this will project of Bahria Town will be outstanding and will deliver the results as promised.


Location of Bahria Paradise:

Bahria paradise is located between precincts 46 to precinct 58. It is the fourth phase of Bahria town Karachi. Like all the previous projects of Bahria town, Bahria Paradise will not only provide a complete living experience to its residents, but it will have a large number of attractions due to which the interest of investors and buyer’s is increasing every day.


Main attractions of Bahria Paradise:

Bahria town is known for the perfection that they bring in various landmarks that have been constructed in its previous projects like the grand Jamia mosque Lahore, Eiffel tower in Lahore, Eiffel tower in Karachi and numerous others. Some of the main attractions in Bahria paradise are as follows.


Central Park:

The precinct 54 of Bahria paradise will have the central park. This park will be an exact replica of the central park in New York, spanning on a large area of 64 acres, which will serve as a great tourist spot and a great spot to spend quality time with family on weekends and on other holidays. This park has been developed in the heart of Bahria Paradise with careful planning. As the access to this park will not only be limited to only the residents but to people from all over Pakistan, there always will be traffic problems. Therefore, keeping in consideration the traffic problem, it will be accessible easily by 3 main roads that are Paradise Avenue (200 ft. wide), Quaid Avenue (150 ft. wide) and Sir Syed Avenue (120 ft. wide) roads. Apart from the 18.5 acres 5 star hotel in the Central Park, it will have the following attractions:



  • Flower Garden
  • Untermeyer Fountain
  • Harlem Lake
  • Recreational Center
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Onassis Reservoir
  • Amusement Park
  • Museum and various others also.

Taj Mahal:

Another main attraction of Bahria Paradise will be the replica of Taj Mahal, just like the one in Agra, India. This will be located in the 56th precinct. This project will cover a large area of 17.35 acres with the Taj Mahal building in 2.28 acres of land. Apart from this, there will also be a guest house and a mosque that will be built there. To avoid any unfavorable situations a large parking covering an area of 7.08 acres of land will also be provided adjacent to the Taj Mahal.


Other features of Bahria Paradise:

Like all the other projects of Bahria town, Bahria Paradise will also provide all the basic necessities to its residents. This includes 24-hour security system, uninterrupted power supply, underground wiring, schools, mosques, commercial areas, sports and recreational facilities, night safari and adventure parks, hospitals and graveyards so that you have a complete living experience.


Residential areas:

Bahria Paradise has been categorized into 3 main plot cuttings. The residential plots that are available are in 250 sq. yards, 500 sq. yards and 1000 sq. yards. Apart from this, Bahria Paradise is also offering luxurious living opportunity in its specially designed 500 sq. yards Luxury villas. These villas will have a covered area of approximately 4700 sq. ft. and will also comprise of a servant quarter with attach bath/toilet. These villas will have



  • 2 TV lounges
  • Car porch
  • 5 attached baths bedrooms
  • Dining and drawing room
  • Front lawn
  • Kitchen
  • Store room
  • 3 wide terraces
  • 5 ft. passage.


Various offers from Salaam Estate:

With the development and amazing attractions that are being offered in Bahria Paradise, various investors and buyers are showing interest in buying plots here. For the ease of our respected clients, Salaam Estate is offering opportunities through which you can buy property for investment or for staying here yourself. Our various offers are…




Bahria Paradise Precinct 47 Map:



  • Residential plot of 250 sq. yards for as low as 0.59 million.
  • Residential plot of 500 sq. yards for as low as 0.62 million.


Bahria Paradise Precinct 48 map:



  • Residential plot of 250 sq. yards for as low as 0.42 million.
  • Residential plot of 500 sq. yards for as low as 0.61 million.


Bahria Paradise Precinct 49 Map:



  • Residential plot of 250 sq. yards for as low as 0.38 million.
  • Residential plot of 500 sq. yards for as low as 0.95 million.


Bahria Paradise Precinct 54 Map:



  • Residential plot of 250 sq. yards for as low as 0.24 million.
  • Residential plot of 500 sq. yards for as low as 0.41 million.
  • Residential plot of 1000 sq. yards for as low as 0.95 million.




Luxury Villas:

The luxury villas are being offered by the Bahria Town management in Precinct 51. They are constructed on 500 sq. yards and contain many attractive features as described above. Their payment plan is as follows which has been divided into 4 years payment plan.


Actual PriceDown PaymentQuarterly Installment

The current own on a Bahria Paradise luxury villa ranges from 5,000,000/- to 9,000,000/- which depends upon the location of the villa.

Central Park Apartments:

Bahria town has also launched a mega project in which they are giving apartments in Precinct 54 facing the Central Park. They are of two categories with the following payment plans.


Size2 Bed Luxury Apartment4 Bed Luxury Penthouse
16 Installments425,313/-1,244,063/-
Total Price7,450,000/-21,650,000/-
Processing Fee10,000/-25,000/-
Form Fee1,000/-5,000/-



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