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Bahria Golf City Karachi 2022

bahria golf city karachi

Bahria Golf City Project Features

• Enjoy the spectacular views of the golf course right from your house
• Step into the lavish golf greens right from your front lawn
• Modern & Luxurious Lifestyle Facilities
• 5-Star Gold & Country Club
• 100% backup power (No Load-shedding)
• Gated Community
• World-Class Security Infrastructure

Residential plots: 500,1000 and 2000 Sq. Yards

Luxury Homes: 500 and 1000 Sq. yards

The Golf City in Bahria Town Karachi- a new future

Bahria Town Karachi is one of, if not the best developing housing community in the country. The sheer size of the project shows how grandeur it is. Topped with the best infrastructure, they provide their residents with the finest quality of life. Ranging from road networks and even mini dams in Bahria Town Karachi, they are developing it all! Just like in other cities of Pakistan, Hospitals and schools are a guarantee. For entertainment, they have successfully built a stadium, an amusement park, and even a zoo.

In Karachi, you get to see amazing residential plots and villas in the best locations. The areas are further divided into precincts, with each having its unique properties to make each one of them stand out. The prices of the plots also vary according to the location so that most people can benefit from the project.



Breathtaking Projects of Bahria Golf City Karachi

One of their most breathtaking projects for development in Bahria is Bahria Golf City Karachi. Presenting one of the most luxurious housing communities with the latest facilities. This is of course along with golf courses with the best crafting.

The Golf city is divided into precincts, importantly the P 20 and P 20A, since the development was on a very large scale. Here, you can enjoy golfing and housing facilities all at once.

Precinct 20 A of Bahria Golf City Karachi is one of the areas in which companies started development last. However, despite that a year later, advancements are nearly done in this part. Construction partners of Bahria are working on many things to enhance the area as a whole;

  • Development of a mini dam
  • Three to four lakes in the area
  • An operational school
  • Golf courses along with many parks

Needless to say, Bahria is ready to embrace golf enthusiasts along with their household. You can easily find commercial plots or areas of a thousand square yards. A single belt around the dam will also be open to potential buyers. The prices however differ on the basis of location. They will generally range from ninety-five to one hundred and thirty-five lakhs. As you get closer to the school or the main area the prices of the plots may raise up to one hundred and sixty lakhs. While the area is developed sufficiently, Bahria still has to announce the construction of villas.



The second important division is precinct 20 of the Bahria Golf City Karachi. This area is developed with carpeted roads and streetlights installed. However, villas are not yet being constructed. This specific area also has a lot to offer, such as;

  • Two parks
  • Lakes
  • Golf courses

The special thing about this is that you can enjoy a good environment as there is a lot of plantation here. Moreover, this part connects to precinct 11B, which means that residents have more residential areas to choose from while getting the benefits of the facilities provided by the management. The prices here too, vary according to the place and their size. A plot of five hundred square yards ranges from one hundred fifty-five lakhs to one hundred and eighty lakhs. A thousand square yards may cost you as much as one hundred and eighty lakhs.

You can and are advised to talk to real estate managers to make sure you get good value for money. However, you can be sure of a quality lifestyle at Bahria Golf City Karachi.

Lifelong benefits in Golf city

Why is residing in Golf City a good idea for you? Well, one of the things you can be sure of is a healthy and clean environment. The parks and lakes all aid in the freshness of the community itself as citizens can relax in clear air. This leads to prosperity and happiness. Golf City is also a great area to settle for the long term with your family. Facilities like schools are provided to you, increasing convenience, and all types of leisure activities are available.

The quality infrastructure and systems increase your quality of life and provide ease to you. Most of all, this gated community is also safe for its residents. Children can explore and learn from the outside world as well as their homes while in a safe environment. And most important of all, they can be easily bought!

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