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Latest project Paragon Towers Price, Location in Bahria Town Karachi

Posted by admin on January 19, 2021
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Paragon Towers has been one of the most wonderful projects in Bahria Town Karachi. It is the one of its kind of vertical building in the whole of Bahria Town, residential and commercial both opportunities are there.

Paragon Tower A is constructed as a model for the customers having shops, apartments and offices can also be seen in a street tour. According to the authorities the project will take around 2 years for completion and in between the possession process will be provided as well. 2 year as well as 3 year installment plans are also provided for this project which is a great option for the investors.​

Details of residential plots:

The total covered area of 2 bedroom apartment is 1400 square feet, having a total cost of 8,400,000 Pakistani Rupees. Three payment plans are there, for 24 months, down payment is 2,000,000 with a monthly installment of 245.833. Possession can be obtained on payment of 500,000. The second option is 24 monthly installments with a down payment of 1,750,000, while the monthly installment is 205,000. The possession price will be the same as that of 30 monthly plan. The third option is 36 months plan with a monthly installment of 177,778, while the down payment is 1,500,000. Possession cost will be the same as that of other plans.

It should be noted here, area of 300 square feet will be added to all without incurring extra cost. The first floor with an additional balcony will cost 500,000 more than usual ones, while apartments facing Jinnah Avenue will have the additional price of 400,000. Road facing apartments will have 300,000 while Central Park facing will be 250,000 more in price. There will be a discount of 5% on full payment at the time of booking. For the preferential location, extra charges will be applied in addition to the total cost.



A detailed plan of Shops (type 1):

The total unit price of the shop, having 385 square feet will be 8,085,000 Rupees. Same as the residential apartment, there are three options for making payments.

The first one with a down payment of 2,000,000, monthly installment of 232,708 for 24 months. The second is with the down payment of 1,750,000 and monthly installment of 194,500 for 30 months. While in the third option, the down payment will be 1,500,000 and monthly installment will be completed in 36 months, each of 169,028. For all these plans, the possession price will be 500,000 rupees.

Type 2 shops:

In the first option that will be completed in 24 months, the down payment is 2,000,000, with a monthly installment of 276,458. The second option will be of monthly installment of 229,500 for 30 months, the down payment, in this case, will be 1,750,000. In the third option, customers will have to pay a down payment of 1,500,00 and a monthly installment of 198,194 Rupees. The possession price will be 500,000 rupees for each of the plans.

Additionally, there will be a 5% discount on the full payment at the time of booking. For the corner shops, there will be additional charges of 500,000. It is expected for customers to comply with scheduled payments and read all the terms and conditions.



How to Contact Salaam Estate & Builders:

To know about details regarding investment or any other query, you can contact Salaam Estates & Builders. We are trusted partners for hundreds of investors who have made a lot of success stories by working with us. Having the experience and right vision about different real estate projects all over Pakistan, we assure to provide you valuable advice on your queries.

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