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125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 sq yards Villas Price, Location in Bahria Town Karachi

Posted by Salaam Estate on December 1, 2020
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Construction of Basement:

A lot of people are interested to know about the construction of the basement in 125 square yard villas. For all of them, yes it is allowed, but only in certain areas and with certain conditions to be fulfilled. And even in allowed areas, it is subject to get allowed from the management of Bahria Town Karachi. It will be only allowed after getting cleared from the soil test report and by following all SOPs for the construction of the basement.

In precincts 25 and 27, where the plot level is eight to 10 feet lower than the road, construction of a basement can be requested. In general, it can be said that the basement is not allowed for 125 square yard villas. Basement is allowed for 500 square yards and onwards in every area, while it is restricted for 125 and 250 square yard villas. Similarly, the construction of the lower ground floor is also not allowed.



Bahria Town Karachi is a gated community from the Bahria Town group that not only has a large number of landmarks, but also provides a complete living style to the residents of this community. From the sports city to the paradise villas, from central park apartments to Bahria Heights, it provides villas as well as apartments to its residents. Keeping up the tradition of providing various services to our clients in various Bahria town projects throughout the country, Salaam Estate and Builders are also providing real estate, buying and selling and construction services to all their respected clients.

Opportunities at BTK:

The Bahria Town Karachi spans over an area of approximately 44,000 acres. With such a large area that has been specially procured for a gated community, there are different plots and villas that are available as residential plots. Apart from residential plots, there are also various opportunities of procuring a commercial plot and apartments as well. For this reason, Salaam Estate and Builders provides you the opportunity to acquire any villa or apartment, according to your needs, at competitive prices. The following categories of plot sizes in the different precincts of Bahria town are available.

152 sq. yardsPrice in Million
Precinct 2 (Iqbal Villas)11 to 15 Million
Precinct 10 B11 to 13 Million
Precinct 11 A9.5 to 10.5 Million
Precinct 11 B7.5 to 9 Million
200, 235, 350 & 500 sq. yardsPrice in Million
Precinct 2 (Quaid Villas)16 to 18 Million
Precinct 10 A11.5 to 13 Million
Precinct 11 A11 to 12 Million
Precinct 27 A (235 sq. yards)8 to 10 Million
Precinct 31 (235 sq. yards)8 to 10 Million
Precinct 35 (Sports City) 350 sq. yards11 to 16 Million
Precinct 51 (Paradise Villas) 500 sq. yards23 to 27 Million

Apart from real estate sector, Salaam Estate and Builders have a lot of experience in construction sector as well. Our main purpose is to provide our clients with the best services for house construction. For this reason, here are the details of the two most famous types of construction styles, one on 125 sq. yards while the second on 250 sq. yard villas.



125 sq. yard villas:

If you are looking for construction on a 125 sq. yard villas, then according to the by-laws of Bahria town Karachi, you can have a covered area of 1850 sq. feet. This means, that you can have your construction only on 1850 sq. feet, while the rest will be left uncovered for front, garage, back and laundry.

There are two types of construction that can be done here, one is 3 bed while the other is 4 bed. In both these, 1 bed will be constructed on ground floor, and you can make 2 or 3 beds, according to your wish on the 1st floor. Other than that, there are going to be kitchen, entrance area, store and drawing and lounge.

The construction can be completed within 80 lakh to 120 lakhs. The variation in price is due to the location of the plot, the precinct in which you are going to buy the plot and the quality of the material that you are using.  For example, if you want a house in Precinct 11B, Precinct 10B, Precinct 27 or Precinct 31, then you can have a complete villa in 80 lakh rupees including plot. This price includes each and everything from approval of drawing, soil test, possession fee, transfer fee, lab tests and completion certificate from Bahria town as well.

There are also villas in this category that has been completed by Bahria town as well. But there are some pros and cons for both.

Bahria villas:

First thing to be mentioned is the quality of the villas. They are of high quality but with average finishing. The second thing is the beauty due to uniformity as all the villas are like each other, all have been sold and families are living there due to which they look alive. The price is also very reasonable. But the problem is that you have to pay all the price in a lumpsum, which is not possible for everyone.

Self-built Villa:

If you build a villa by yourself, there are a number of advantages. You can have accommodation like you like, for example you can make 3 beds as well as 4 beds according to your need. You can have the finishing quality according to your budget. Salaam Estates has a very flexible payment schedule and you can start construction with just 15 lakh down payment. You can have 1 year as well as 2 years payment plan. There is also the option for getting only gray structure and finishing by yourself or after some time.

Payment plan:

There are two types of payment plans. One is with plot and the other is without plot. Mentioned below are the payment plans for a 125 sq. yard villa:

Without plot:

Total price for construction is 5,000,000/-. Installment plan is as under:

Booking Price1,000,000/-
1st Month600,000/-
2nd Month600,000/-
3rd Month600,000/-
4th Month600,000/-
5th Month600,000/-
6th Month600,000/-
7th Month400,000/-

With plot:

Total price for construction as well as price of the plot is 8,000,000/-. Installment plan is as under:

Booking Price1,500,000/-
1st Month1,000,000/-
2nd Month1,000,000/-
3rd Month1,000,000/-
4th Month1,000,000/-
5th Month1,000,000/-
6th Month1,000,000/-
7th Month500,000/-

250 sq. yard villas in Bahria Town Karachi:



If you want to construct a house on 250 sq. yard plot, then there are also a number of options available in various precincts. The total construction cost, with reasonable but good finishing is about 100 lakh on a plot of 250 sq. yard. One thing to be noted is that the plots are actually 272 sq. yard, but in file are written as 250 sq. yard. Therefore, you can have a complete 250 sq. yard villa in 135 lakh to 250 lakh.

The total construction allowed on 250 sq. yard is on 3600 sq. feet. Therefore, you have total 3600 sq. feet covered area. The cost is from PKR 2500 per sq. feet to PKR 3000 per sq. feet. Here is the breakdown of total price:

5 lakh will be spent on drawing approval.

2.5 lakh will be spent on possession and utility.

1.5 lakh will be spent on transfer.

Therefore, the total amount, apart from construction is about PKR 10 lakh. Another thing that affects the price is variation. This is due to the location of the plot. For example, the complete construction for plot in Precinct 30 and precinct 22 will be 20 lakh to 25 lakh. This means you can have a complete house in about 120 lakh rupees. In precinct 32, you can have a complete house for 145 lakh, in precinct 16 for 160 lakh and in precinct 6 or 8 for about 165 lakh. If you want a house in precinct 1, then the price will be 220 lakh.

Payment plan:

There are two types of payment plans. One is with plot and the other is without plot. The payment plan spans over 2 years period. Mentioned below are the payment plans for a 250 sq. yard villa:

Without plot:

The payment plans for 1 and 2 years, without the price of plot are as under:

1 Year Payment Plan
Booking Price (2,000,000/-)
1st Month1,000,000/-
2nd Month1,000,000/-
3rd Month1,000,000/-
4th Month1,000,000/-
5th Month1,000,000/-
6th Month1,000,000/-
7th Month1,000,000/-
8th Month600,000/-
9th Month400,000/-
Total Price10,000,000/-
2 Years Payment PlanPrice
Down Payment2,000,000/-
22 Monthly Installments450,000/-
Total Amount12,000,000/-

With plot:

The payment plans for 1 and 2 years, with the price of plot are as under:

1 Year Payment PlanBooking Price (2,000,000/-)
1st Month1,500,000/-
2nd Month1,500,000/-
3rd Month1,500,000/-
4th Month1,500,000/-
5th Month1,500,000/-
6th Month1,500,000/-
7th Month1,500,000/-
8th Month1,000,000/-
9th Month500,000/-
Total Price13,500,000/-

With out Plot:

2 Years Payment PlanPrice
Down Payment2,500,000/-
23 Monthly Installments600,000/-
Total Amount16,500,000/-

Apart from these, if you want construction on 500 sq. yards, 1000 sq. yards or 3000 sq. yards residential plots, then get in touch with Salaam Estate and Builders for details regarding their construction.



Why should you choose Salaam Estate and Builders?

The first and the greatest benefit is you won’t need to think about any approval or documentation processes out of Bahria town offices. All that will be dealt with by us. The next is the flexibility in costs. You are able to cover lump sum in addition to in installment. The next benefit is that the material quality is being ensured as everything is going to be agreed upon before building, in written form. You’ll also have the freedom to switch the sort of substance which you would like to use through construction and the costs will be altered accordingly. The largest benefit is that you don’t need to be on site consistently. We’ll provide you details about the advancement though chat. You may assess the progress with the assistance in the form of video messages. Because of this, a range of overseas customers are working together with us.

Therefore, touch base with Salaam Estate and Advisors now to have your building started. In case you have any questions, contact us today.

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